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First-author publications
  1. Outflows Driven by Direct and Reprocessed Radiation Pressure in Massive Star Clusters
    Menon, S.H.; Federrath, C. ; Krumholz, M.R. (2023; MNRAS, 521, 5160)

  2. Infrared Radiation Feedback Does Not Regulate Star Cluster Formation or Drive Winds
    Menon, S.H.; Federrath, C. ; Krumholz, M.R. (2022; MNRAS, 517, 1313)

  3. VETTAM: a scheme for radiation hydrodynamics with adaptive mesh refinement using the variable Eddington tensor method
    Menon, S.H.; Federrath, C. ; Krumholz, M.R.; Kuiper, Rolf; Wibking, Benjamin D.; Jung, Manuel (2022; MNRAS, 512, 401)

  4. The dependence of the hierarchical distribution of star clusters on galactic environment
    Menon, S.H.; Grasha, K.; Elmegreen, Bruce G.; Federrath, C.; Krumholz, M.R. ; Calzetti, D.; Sanchez, Nestor; Linden, S.T.; Adamo, A.; Messa, M.; Cook, D.O.; Dale, D.A.; Grebel, E.K.; Fumagalli, M.; Sabbi, E.; Johnson, K.E.; Smith, L.J.; Kennicutt, R.C. (2021; MNRAS, 507, 5542)

  5. On the compressive nature of turbulence driven by ionizing feedback in the pillars of the Carina Nebula
    Menon, S.H.; Federrath, C. ; Klaassen, P.; Kuiper, R.; Reiter, M. (2021; MNRAS, 500, 1721)

  6. On the turbulence driving mode of expanding H II regions
    Menon, S.H.; Federrath, C. ; Kuiper, R. (2020; MNRAS, 493, 4643)

Co-author publications with significant contributions
  1. First extragalactic measurement of the turbulence driving parameter: ALMA observations of the star-forming region N159E in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    Sharda, P.; Menon, S.H. ; Federrath, C.; Krumholz, M.R.; Beattie, J.R; Jameson, K.E.; Tokuda, K.; Burkhart, B.; Crocker, R.M; Law, C.J.; Seta, A.; Gaetz, T.J.; Pingel, N.M.; Seitenzahl, I.R.; Sano, H.; Fukui, Y. (2022; MNRAS, 509, 2180)